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HDD and Conventional Bores

At L&L Pipeline, we approach our horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and conventional boring jobs with the upmost safety and care. We’ve performed thousands of conventional bores in West Virginia and surrounding areas with our state-of-the-art auger boring machines, and we’re well versed in the modern developments of HDD.

While watching the market in the last several years, we’ve noticed a high demand for HDD due to its ease of permitting, swift completion and generally safer process. With L&L Pipeline, you’ll experience a service focused on safety, environment and quality by the elimination of chemicals and foreign muds and by our high prioritization on containment. We always keep a state of the art hydro-excavation sucker truck on site with each and every HDD bore.

Installation of a pipeline by HDD is generally accomplished in three stages. The first stage consists of directionally drilling a small diameter pilot hole along a designed directional path. The second stage involves enlarging this pilot hole to a diameter suitable for installation of the pipeline. The third stage consists of pulling the pipeline back into the enlarged hole.